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New York Vein Treatment Clinic: Vein Treatment; How to eliminate the ugly veins?

Vein treatment is recommended to resolve the issues generated by varicose and

    spider veins. Varicose or spider veins can occur anywhere in the body. Mostly they are visible with blue, red, or purple color on the surface of the legs. Most people want to get rid of these unsightly veins as their ugly appearance spoils the look of individuals. People should get treatment from professionals only as they can only help disappear them permanently. If the condition reaches its severe stage, you may experience pain from it as there can be the formation of ulcers in the legs, or cramping in the legs, or itching. Such types of conditions require a vein center.


    Why are pregnant women prone to this condition?


    According to research, it has been seen that women during pregnancy are more likely to suffer this condition as there is a drastic change in their circulatory system. During pregnancy, women need extra blood for the development of the fetus inside the womb. This extra pressure of the blood weakens the veins making them enlarged and stretched leading to blood pooling. When blood starts pooling in the veins, there is a strong possibility of blood leakage through them causing varicose or spider veins.   Also, the increment in hormone level becomes the major cause of weakening the wall of the veins leading to varicose or spider veins in them. If the problematic veins are causing pain in the legs, visit vein centers to get the proper treatment.


    What are the new ways to treat Varicose Veins or Spider Veins:


    Earlier, surgical procedures were the only technique used to fix venous problems. The surgical procedure is conducted under general anesthesia and it may take about a week for the recovery. From the past few years, there have been minimally invasive treatments to replace surgery. The following procedures are conducted under local anesthesia and the patients can return back to their normal life just after the treatment. You can consult a vein doctor to determine the type of treatment.



    Advance minimally invasive treatments:


    vein treatment are performed in a consulting room or operating room under local anesthetic. You will be required multiple sessions to complete the treatment. After the treatment, you will be able to live your normal life. A vein specialist can explain to you the pros and cons of each type of treatment.


    EVLT (endovenous laser ablation) and VNUS Closure (RF ablation):


    VNUS Closure is performed with the usage of a wire that is passed through the vein from the knee or calf to the groin to eliminate large problematic veins in the thigh. The position of the wire is monitored through ultrasound imaging.  When the wire is in the correct position, the specialists heat the one end of the catheter electrically, and they destroy the problematic veins. Slowly and gradually, they pull the wire out from the leg until all diseased veins are eliminated completely. The procedure is conducted under local anesthesia.


    Ultrasound-Guided Foam Sclerotherapy:


    This procedure is performed as an alternative to surgery for large varicose veins. Vein specialists inject the vein surface with a special foam under the ultrasound monitoring. The foam damages the lining of the vein and the professional ties a bandage over the treated area firmly.


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